Terms & Conditions

  1. Applications for membership will be restricted to 16+ years. When an applicant has paid their subscription they shall be a member of Healthworks Fitness Studio and entitled to all the privileges of membership and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Subscriptions shall be such sums as the studio may from time to time determine. It is the management intention to review the charges on the 1st March each year. All subscriptions must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.
  3. All members must deposit their membership cards at reception upon entering the studio. The management reserves the right to refuse admission or alter the publicised hours of business or restrict access to allow for maintenance and special events.
  4. All members must complete a medical questionnaire on induction and cannot embark on an exercise routine should any question indicate they need approval or recommendations from their medical practitioner. Thereafter, it is the member’s own responsibility to ensure they are capable of undergoing the normal routine of exercises provided by a program. All exercises are taken at the member’s own risk without recourse on the management.
  5. It is the duty of every person using the facilities to exhibit responsibility and take all possible precautions to prevent injury to themselves and other users.
  6. Member’s guests must be accompanied by the member or use pre-arranged to qualify for the reduced rate and must register at reception. Guests will subject to members terms and conditions. There will be a restriction placed on access during peak times if capacity levels are reached.
  7. Members and guests are expected to refrain from any unreasonable behaviour that may cause annoyance or danger to any other users. The management may expel any member or guest whose conduct is such that it shall, in its opinion be injurious to the character of the studio or the interest of the members. A member who is expelled from the studio shall forfeit all privileges of membership and all rights against the studio, and shall not be entitled to any repayment of their subscription.
  8. The management does not accept any responsibility for members or guests property whilst in the studio nor for injury to members or guests on the studio premises or in the car park.
  9. The management cannot be held responsible for equipment that is not available due to fault, breakdown or unavoidable circumstances. Every effort will be made to minimise the effect should these situations arise.
  10. Alcohol consumption or smoking is not permitted within any area of the studio. Admission may be refused to any person who shows signs of recent alcohol consumption.
  11. In the interest of safety, no glass whether bottle, jar or drinking glass must be taken onto the gym floor or changing areas.
  12. Suitable attire must be worn at all times. Exercise is not permitted barefoot.
  13. It is the member’s responsibility upon cancellation that instruction to cancel any future payments taken from their account by standing order must be given to their account provider.