Personal Training

If you’d like a more supported approach we offer in house one-to-one training sessions. If you need motivation and confidence these sessions really help to ‘get it done’ and focus on what you want to acheive.

We initially undertake health screening and assess your exercise experience to ensure the right starting level.

We understand that being nervous or self-conscious is a big part of starting in any gym so we have created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to reassure you. We know that the cost of a personal trainer can be a significant expense so we offer sessions at a competitive price of £25*

*pre-booking a minimum of four sessions per month also gives you access to the gym in your own time

Personal Training session offer at


per session

Are you a personal trainer?

If you are a personal trainer looking for a location to train your clients we offer competitive rates on a per client basis without charging a monthly retainer.

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