Introducing Alison King – nutrition coaching

When I was a kid I hated sport and had a diet that would ultimately have led to Type 2 Diabetes. I used any excuse to get out of PE (intense dislike for field hockey and athletics) and would eat Penguin biscuits on the way to the school bus. Roll on 30 years and I have done a 180 on that girl.



This month I ran my 13th marathon (Portsmouth Coastal Marathon), I’ve run about 15 half marathons (have lost count)  and completed four Ironman New Zealand races. I love running, parkrun is part of my week now and when it comes to food, well I still love chocolate but my menu now features a lot more vegetables. I’ve channelled my own turnaround into what I now do, after all, I know firsthand how hard it can be to make a change and I love seeing others get results.


I’m a health and wellness coach, offering nutrition coaching to help others create new habits that will ultimately lead to weight loss, muscle gain or whatever their health goal is. I am a proponent of Precision Nutrition’s programme and it is this proven system that my clients follow. There are more than 45,000 others worldwide who have followed Precision Nutrition’s online course – and you can count me among them too. Collectively they have had lost more than 900,000lbs!


So what is nutrition coaching and how could you benefit? Well it’s not a meal plan. It’s definitely not calorie-counting and there are no meal replacement shakes required. It’s simply creating new habits that support a healthy lifestyle, such as eating less processed food, scheduling meal prep, getting more sleep, being more active. How does coaching help? Well you get lessons, assignments and reminders. You can work using the online resources only, or you can get weekly meetings (or something in between).


Losing weight, or gaining muscle mass might seem easy on paper, but even though you think you know how to do it, you might need some coaching. It’s the same as getting a training programme from a personal trainer or having a weekly one-on-one session – when you have someone helping you the results are compounded. So if you want to make 2017 the year you get healthy on the inside get in touch – Healthworks members get a discount. Email me on and we’ll get you started.