HW Activities

Step ups

Steps ups are a great exercise for your legs and to include in a bodyweight circuit. Focus on your foot plant on the plyobox and drive up using your glutes (butt) then your thighs. Keep it neat and get into a rhythm. Ramp it up with a jump!
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Short on time? The four exercises you need…

Sometimes there are days when you simply cannot pull yourself out of bed in time to sweat before work, or when traveling and your normal routine is completely thrown off track. Instead of completely scrapping your routine, try and squeeze in a few bodyweight...
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Introducing Alison King – nutrition coaching

When I was a kid I hated sport and had a diet that would ultimately have led to Type 2 Diabetes. I used any excuse to get out of PE (intense dislike for field hockey and athletics) and would eat Penguin biscuits on the way to the school bus. Roll on 30...
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You don’t have to be fit to join Healthworks, we’ll help you get there.

There is an expectation that you should have a notable degree of fitness when you join Healthworks. Not so! In fact, we specialise in encouraging beginners or re-starters who feel they have no fitness and turn them into confident, knowledgeable exercisers....
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