It’s a go!

The PM has now confirmed the re-opening of gyms next week on the 12th and we can welcome you back again to get started on building your strength and fitness – you have all been missed!

Under the restrictions we experienced a marked shift in our usage patterns and despite the return of some ‘normality’ we expect this to continue. We have always had a range of off-peak and peak memberships but as our usage habits change those categories become less relevant and seems unfair that a price difference is based on time of day use. We are moving to simplify our monthly subscriptions and will replace all the variations with just a single and joint membership giving access at any time.

We would like to re-assure you that there are NO price increases for existing members at the time of the lockdown restrictions.

We are confident that there will be a real effort in improving health and fitness. It is needed now more than ever as we move away from the restrictions and give ourselves some personal time back and focus on the well established link between a healthy body and healthy mind.

The membership support we have received over this entire period has been nothing short of miraculous. As before it has been instrumental in getting us through the challenge of operating a business during COVID.

Thank you.