Lifting of restrictions

The lifting of restrictions will no doubt be received with mixed opinions and concerns and we wanted to let you know what our plans will be.

We are aware that many of you have taken the decision to return to the gym after careful consideration and in confidence that we have created a safe environment for you to work out in. With this in mind we will only make small phased changes beginning with equipment on the gym floor.  We are mindful that despite the lifting of restrictions there is still an overall air of caution which is why we are choosing not to relax entirely what is in place. We plan to turn the resistance machines back around facing inwards to enable us to add the two machines we had to relocate and this still leaves a good space between.

For the short term the screens will remain in place between the cardio equipment and we plan to space the bikes out as they are especially popular as more members return. We will continue to provide a green towel to clean touch points and will will replace these with a request that each member brings a hand towel to wipe down kit. This has been a common courtesy in health clubs and gyms for many years and is now more relevant than ever. Hand sanitiser and cleaning sprays will remain on the gym floor as will our enhanced cleaning routine.

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask please continue to do so. We will continue to ventilate the gym to maximise air flow.

Based on our overall internal area we are also consistently below our capacity limits. Swiping in and the use of keys will remain as present.

With any new guidelines or requirements our priority is to make you feel safe, comfortable and confident whilst working out.

As always, if you have any comments please come and speak to one of us.