Not more breakfast cereal! Try this…

Breakfast is one of the hardest meals for many people, particularly as time is limited and facing food in the morning can just be too difficult. A coffee will do, with sugar and a slice of jam on toast which will fill you up for….not long, and make you more hungry. Breaking the tradition of boxed cereal or ‘healthy’ snacks that are quick and convenient all comes down to just a few minutes of preparation before you go to bed. It does take some time to get your head around choosing real food for breakfast rather than highly processed options.

So, we’re putting the meal above out there for you to try, maybe at the weekend when you have more time. You’ll need (and go for organic wherever possible):

Avocado, tomato, bacon, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts and a generous helping of olive oil. Chop it, mix it, eat it. We like ours with a shot of espresso.