Trying to eat less? We are donating to the Stratford food bank.

We often hear our members and friends saying they are trying to eat less and cut certain foods out so spare a thought for the reality of many, including families, that actually don’t have the choice. How fortunate that we can eat to excess. It doesn’t take much effort so bring the food that you were going to cut out or that you don’t really need to the club and drop it at reception, you don’t even have to be a member. If you just want to do a shop to donate even better.

Here is a list of urgently needed items, you can add more.

Healthworks will match the amount we collect and take it to the food bank as it is especially needed at this time of year. Christmas presents for kids are also welcome donations at this time of year.

So next time that delicious food advert comes on think about someone else’s stomach before yours.

Stratford’s food bank website can be found here.