Yawn…beach body, summer body, bikini body, anybody?

Really? Isn’t it about time we moved on from this?

There is a reality here that needs to be considered. Whatever your reasons for being concerned or unhappy about your weight and physique, joining a gym to get a ‘beach or summer body’ in spring when all the advertising says you should is a pressure you don’t need. It’s likely you won’t reach your goal in time either. We find there are few that actually join to prepare solely for the summer.

Why make your health and fitness seasonal? A regular and manageable routine will help keep your strength and fitness but an ongoing commitment to healthy eating will help control your weight.

The majority of our members are interested in just ‘feeling better’ and yes that does generally come hand in hand with wanting to manage weight.


It’s an emotive subject as you can see from the public reaction to these adverts.



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