Gym News

Despite the holiday season there is plenty of activity in the club and many tanned faces coming in after time spent in the sun. Albeit twinned with the exclamation of adding a few pounds whilst being away but lets face it, everyone needs a rest and to enjoy themselves…be 80% good, 80% of the time was once said and it’s a good balanced approach. If you still have a few weeks before your holiday come and have session with a trainer to help you prepare for days out and about or shifting a few extra pounds if that’s your goal.

Onkar has been putting together some boxing and fitness circuits ready for more one-to-one sessions. He coaches twice a week at Leamington Boxing Club and if you wanted some training in the club he offers a one hour session for £15 to members. Don’t forget that exercise routines and instruction are free in your membership though.

Sam has been putting the final arrangements in place for our GP Exercise Referral Scheme. Sam started his training last year and we have now met all the criteria to offer this service to help patients that would benefit from regular exercise. We have also been working with Shakespeare hospice to offer ongoing exercise support.

James has almost completed his REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer certification so if you are in the club at the weekend then ask him for training advice or to add a few variations to your current exercise routine.

Congratulations to Matt Nixon who we helped prepare for the Fan Dance run over Pen Y fan the Brecon Beacons. Tough race of man ‘v’ nature used by the SAS as part of their selection process but his determination never broke. Well done!

Matt finishing

As a reminder our opening hours for the last bank holiday of the summer, 31st August will be 8am  – 2pm.

See you in the club soon.