Gym News

Just how we arrived so soon in February is a surprise to all of us, time has flown by! There has been a real show of determination and commitment from all of our members into the new year and with plenty of new members and re-joiners  everyone is focusing on their health and fitness.

We have been creating new exercise routines so if you have been performing the same routine for as while it’s worth booking in with a trainer to review what you are doing and maybe introduce some variation.  For us, we are always looking for new training inspiration and knowledge and our current favorite is Functional Patterns presented by Naudi Aguilar. His training philosophy is ‘Train Intentionally, Not Habitually’ which we totally agree with. Check out his website if you are interested. Too often we see the same workout repeated over and over again so it is important to constantly review how you are performing and are you maintaining balance within your body?

Congratulations to Sam our own in house personal trainer and member Dan Gildersleeve who recently competed in the British Powerlifting Union’s Midlands regional powerlifting competition. All three placed in the top three of their respective categories and will move onto the British Championships in September!

Chris Gadeke our physiotherapist holds a busy clinic every Monday here at Healthworks. If you have an injury or an issue that needs some attention pick up his information from a trainer. Appointments are available throughout the day.

With every passing day the evenings are becoming that little bit lighter and we are looking forward to getting outside again onto the ‘grass’. We will be making a few equipment additions to help vary your workout and feeling the sunshine!

See you all in the gym soon.